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Love is like Oxygen

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written by owen on 2017-Nov-03.

It is the things that you want that get you into the most trouble. I may have said this before, I cannot remember because I have been slacking off on my writing, stretched thin is a forest with tall trees. Maybe I should regroup but then that is probably something I want rather than a move that I necessary "need" to make. There is not winning no matter what you do. Balancing the struggle is increasingly difficult. You have to let somethings go in order to live and more over you never know what vice is going to bring you to an early grave.

There are disadvantages to everything under the sun. Choosing to focus only on the positives is really a choice left up to the individual involved. Living in a dream world is totally up to personal preference. It does not affect reality. Determination can get you some of the way but no one knows for sure what will take you the last 50% of the journey. The bus has already left the station. Whatever makes you sleep well at night. The only way to make a true calculation of risk is to be able to remember both sides of the coin or not play at all. Worrying about things out of your control is a waste of time.

Either way birds and reptiles are different fundamentally as long as the rules of the world stays the same. If you are gonna try to change the world you might as well go big and change the whole world instead of just a few little things that you currently find fascinating. If you really want to play the stock market game you have to have a lot of expendable liquid income. Otherwise you are not going to get far.

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  1. Love it when you say hello

    by DLBG 2017-Nov-21 

  2. For me, love is like HCN. Sometimes you realize that the thing you want most wont really get you into trouble because it doesn’t want you back.

    by Tami 2017-Nov-21 

  3. what is HCN? Hydrogen cyanide?

    by owen 2017-Nov-22 



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