The transporter: refueled movie review

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posted by owen on 2015-Sep-5.

‎Refueled is a ok movie. Not very good but it is ok. The movie is basically a big Audi advertisement filled with ass shots of skinny super models. All super models are skinny so that is kinda redundant.‎   Stuff happens, people get into the Audi, they talk to each other on thier iphone 6s and more stuff happens. People get sucker punched for doing thier jobs. The movie is just full of assholes. The new guy is probably the biggest one.

The new guy suuuuuccckkkks compared to Jason. And he has the same accent which makes it hard to not compare the 2 actors.

The movie has some very nice aerial shots of France.‎‎
I give it a 5 out of 10. Very average action movie to the point of pointlessness. Pointless fighting, pointless dialog.  Wait until it comes out on cable or netflix.‎ You will have more fun watching the original movie again.

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