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written by owen on 2012-Dec-02.

I did not do anything last weekend. I spent it re-playing a single stage in a video game and washing clothes that I should have washed 3 weeks ago. Diminishing returns. My usual grind would be to hammer away at a complicated problem in a side project that I have been working on for six months or more.

There is always a way. I will figure it out eventually or I will stop as soon as I start.
There are moments in my life just between the moment I wake up and the point I go to sleep; where everything that is happening has absolutely nothing to do with me. These are perfect moments. You won't achieve everything you set out to do. Sometimes there is too much static.

It is interesting how when I meet old classmates they ask me if I still have "owensoft". It is almost as if I got pregnant in high school and I became THAT GIRL with the belly. I am running out of clever answers. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I should have participated in more club activities. Eat my eggs in one basket. Been a little bit taller - I could have been a baller.

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  1. But can you actually play ball?

    by Tami 2012-Dec-15 

  2. Sports is time consuming

    by owen 2012-Dec-15