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written by owen on 2012-Nov-20.

Its almost christmas like its almost summer if the world doesn't come to a fiery end. Everything gets a chance to be almost. There is a limited amount of time and space and effort. You can't be in 2 places at once. You can't drive 2 cars at once. Its against the laws of physics.

Real time is the only way to live. Things are happening right now all over the world at the exact same time. What ever you are waiting for isn't going to happen anytime soon and probably never will. Like a monkey waiting for winter in the african desert. Chasing pavements.

Its not hard to find myself annoyed. I get annoyed when people use the word "bunch" to refer to anything but bananas. I would rather you use the world "set" or "a couple". Bunch should be strickly reserved for bananas and maybe plantains.

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  1. but what About flowers, as in 'a bunch of flowers'.

    by Mad Bull 2012-Nov-24 


    by owen 2012-Nov-25