Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)

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written by owen on 2008-Nov-29.

I spent all weekend trying to abate a persistent pain that threatened to make my head explode. And if that wasn't enough the "geniuses" at Island Grill redesigned the menu REMOVING all SATISFACTION! None of it makes sense. I should have suspected the worst when they started adding tons of salads to the menu. Apparently no one cares about the rights of vegetables. Pray that god won't take his toll ON THEM HEATHENS!

"I don't think I should win, I think, I'm not really going into this competition to win it, I'm just going in to be in it, to be seen and just being there is winning in it self." said the monkey with great relish.

With all the bad stuff that has been going on in the world if you was a flower all I would want to be is a honeybee. I seem to have run out inspiration, god only knows what the fuck may have sapped the juice of my very soul, tainted my bueatiful mind, crippled the ladder from whence cometh my health(my health cometh from the lord). I can only hope that the world rebalances itself and I get back my mojo. sadness.

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  1. Sorry? What was the satisfaction? Did they get to the jerk cheese burger before I managed to buy my plane ticket?

    by Gods Child 2008-Nov-30 

  2. they changed everything, EVERYTHING!

    by owen 2008-Nov-30 

  3. No Satisfaction??!!! Dem might as well lock the door! Tell me say de pumpkin rice still deh deh?!

    by mad bull 2008-Nov-30 

  4. yeah its still there somewhere, probably low calorie and fat free [nasty]

    by owen 2008-Nov-30 

  5. "Apparently no one cares about the rights of vegetables..."

    I love that line.

    Apparently no one cares about the rights of grammar and syntax either...LOL.

    Sorry, I'm just saying...

    by Oshun 2008-Nov-30 

  6. grammar and syntax are for english teachers and politicians

    by owen 2008-Nov-30 

  7. and also people who want to be understood
    "What good do your words do if they can't understand you" E Badu

    by Gods Child 2008-Dec-04 

  8. if ignorance is bliss then the people who want to be understood are fighting a losing battle and should therefore become politicians or english teachers

    by owen 2008-Dec-04 

  9. I guess it's a good time to leave a note in their 'suggestion' box. Hushies

    by Tami 2008-Nov-30 

  10. after a second look through of the menu, it actually has satisfaction on there, in the fine print all the way to the bottom right

    by owen 2008-Dec-07 

  11. It seems no one can get any satisfaction where food places are concerned if you're not willing to fork out a tonne load of money!

    by Stunner 2008-Nov-30 

  12. Hey man. Everyone's health conscious nowadays, so it's to be expected.

    by Leon 2008-Dec-02 

  13. ISLAND GRILL and a whole ton load of vegetable salads should not even be in the same sentence much less them putting it on the menu.

    by crazychick aka nerd 2008-Dec-02 

  14. No you didn't run out of inspiration all you did was stop talking to me.So my words no longer soothes your soul or relinquishes your hunger.

    by crazychick aka nerd 2008-Dec-02 

  15. omg you can't "relinquish hunger", what kind of english pirate are you? wait, refresh my memory who are you again?

    by owen 2008-Dec-03 

  16. LMAO

    Owen, what kinda error message this man?

    "Is that all you can say; LMAO? are your fingers tired? Well your going to have to type some more."

    by Tami 2008-Dec-05 

  17. its another way of saying either write something worth reading or do things worth writing. But in a easier to understand format.

    by owen 2008-Dec-05 

  18. i suggested a long time ago for them to have breakfast in the new kgn branch, all now...and i wants curry yabba with breast only and boil banana instead of i asking for too much?

    by Pepper 2008-Dec-06 

  19. yes I think so, in your case

    by owen 2008-Dec-07 

  20. Owen, what's wrong with vegetables? They r good for you grow into a strong and smart boy.... [mocking]

    by Jamila 2008-Dec-07 

  21. Hahaha! Too late for that. He weighs the same amount as he did in college, but he eats like a horse. I hate people liek that!

    by Tami 2008-Dec-08 

  22. me tooooooooooooo :@

    by Pepper 2008-Dec-13