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Shutter Review

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written by owen on 2008-Nov-18.

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Shutter is a cross between The Ring and Grudge (funny enough its executive producers are the same). Though not quite as well written or thought out. Its a suspense thriller about a photographer who's new wife hits a girl with her car in the forest. The girl's body however is never found and her "spirit" begins to show up in all the photographs they take. The guy travels to a chinese city for a new job hence is followed by the ghost across the ocean or forest or whichever - it is never quiet clear. Alot of this movie is never quiet clear until the last 5 or so minutes of the movie. You could essentially watch the last ten minutes of the movie and get it but in order to see how pointless the first section you just have to watch it all. Its an annoying connundrum of sex, lies and photo tape.

I give shutter a 8 out 10 for being what it is - a suspense thriller, with no real purpose except to scare you by showing you random objects and changing the background music. You'll get you monies worth.

Contains: 1 skinny white girl, chinese people and location, 1 duppy


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  1. It was Japan and the people were Yapanese.

    by Tami 2008-Nov-20 

  2. Yapanese? I must have missed an important coup.

    by Gods Child 2008-Nov-30 

  3. Not even the trailer looks enticing. This is one I'll file on the "I doubt I will watch" list.

    by Stunner 2008-Nov-22 

  4. its a OK movie, just nothing interesting until it ends

    by owen 2008-Nov-24 

  5. lol;sorry excuse for a scarey movie.

    by Tami 2008-Nov-22 

  6. Wouldn't be a scary movie without a white girl. Would be a lot scarier if it were dubbed.

    by Leon 2008-Dec-02 



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