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written by owen on 2008-Jul-11.

Surprisingly no sooner had I sat down I felt the need to sleep. I was missing something, something I could not readily conceive. it was as if I woke on the wrong side of the bed and had left it a mess for the pass 5 weeks only to just now be coming to the realisation that I had truly never stopped sleeping.

I started reading about planets far and wide, trying to prevent my mind from stalling and falling to earth without the proper coordinates of my bed. It wasn't enough, time was passing slowly, every minute increasing difficult to maintain consiousness. I could attempt a solution but I fear an unfocused mind may only prove to accidentally erase any constructive thought which have been formulated on the subject - so I left the problem alone.

All I could remember from the past was that I woke up and that was probably the point when I forgot to make the bed which only proved to confuse me more when a faint memory reminded me of something that I had to do. There I was perplexed, sleepy and in the presence of other people who are much better pretenders than I am. I was pretty sure the TV was on because I could hear sound coming from it and also the annoying little whine that it makes but the screen was blank. After I passed the second time I asked them what was wrong with the tv. They said "nothing", with a look on their face like as if greeting a person from the country, "we are listening to the radio".

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  1. That made me sleepy

    by Cranky Putz 2008-Jul-11 

  2. Obviously you were very tired star!

    by Stunner 2008-Jul-11 

  3. While you were reading about planets far and wide, I was watching a show about women deep and wide. Very informative it was too....

    by mad bull 2008-Jul-12 

  4. I no-longer have that channel [upset]

    by owen 2008-Jul-13 

  5. I understand. I lose it myself periodically, when the blasted dish network people change their encoding to screw up the pirates like myself.

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jul-13 

  6. last month starcom annouced that they were going to start paying GCT and I was like OK. Then they said that WE WOULD HAVE TO PAY IT TOO and I was like WTF. [nasty]

    by owen 2008-Jul-13 

  7. hahahahaha. You woke up at a different time in a different place and automatically became a different person. Time travel dude!!

    by Tami 2008-Jul-15