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written by owen on 2008-Aug-15.

I've seen that same look in your eyes before. Against my better judgement I've been playing dominos at work. Way into the odd hours of the night. I know you think its pointless but I've yet to see the bat movie. So how somethings always comes up. I forget. Mi naw pop no style, a strickly roots. Love is all I bring inna mi kahki suit and ting.

Domino is a simple game. Often totally dependent on the luck of the draw. But all it takes is one simple, insignificant mistake, by an over zealous opponent and a six love dat unda dem skin. You can feel it coming from a mile away. I am not perfect, I've had my share but I mek sure that everybody's name is up on the craftily design scoreboard that the idlers over in IT put up. No one is immune. Next thing it'll be on the intranet.

I've been accussed of hustling but I am probably the least knowledgable in the game of dominos. I only know enough to win and to annoy the poor sould that is under the wrath of hand. Its not a matter of you verses me. Its just a game, its not like I'm ignoring you. Netball is a violent game.

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  1. I love to play domino, even though I am not really that good at it.

    by Stunner 2008-Aug-16 

  2. dominoes at work? That's love. I wouldn't stay late at work for anything.
    haven't caught the bat movie either
    actually heard some bad viewer reviews
    blockbuster weekend notwithstanding

    by Gods Child 2008-Aug-18 

  3. you hate the people you work with?
    no paragraphs hmmmm...odd

    by owen 2008-Aug-18 

  4. I don't particularly like them and everyone wants to pursue life away from the office <br> I think the problem is on the page<br> usually I have paragraphs by hitting "ENTER"

    by Gods Child 2008-Aug-19 

  5. yes, I see the problem. is it like you work in a cage with animals? [indifferent]

    by owen 2008-Aug-19 

  6. no, they are okay I guess. But we don't have much in common. For example, I don't like being nosey--they do.

    by Gods Child 2008-Aug-20 

  7. as usual love will tear us apart

    by owen 2008-Aug-21 

  8. I've done the domino @ werk thing... it hasn't proved too successful, ppl don't want to stay back, Pool @ werk is MUCH more successful. Just yesterday I spanked four guys then I had to return to my desk after lunch.

    You shouldah hear me ah give dem, "Hey gringos and paseros, you gotta make way for the bandolero, 'cause if you don't do that you know that your number is zero, 'cause anytime they come round mi lick my pistelero (Zero), You should never dis the champion (No, no), My name is Mad Bull, I'm the Don Gorgon!

    by Mad Bull 2008-Aug-20 

  9. How many pool games can you get in on a hour lunch break? I barely have time to eat.

    by owen 2008-Aug-20 

  10. Usually no more than four... five if its pure sops you playing. Of course, you might need an extra 5 or 10 minutes, but cho. Who's complaining? The boss, thats who! :)

    by Mad Bull 2008-Aug-21 

  11. clearly sound like a rush game! wheres the time to revel in your victory?

    by owen 2008-Aug-21 

  12. You celebrate when you go back to you desk.

    by Mad Bull 2008-Aug-23 

  13. so how netball drop een, you jus always gotta be all abstract...

    by pepper 2008-Aug-22 

  14. the company is in the business house netball league or something like that. The truth is like the sun, its benefit is dependent on how close you are to it.

    by owen 2008-Aug-22