God Does Answer Prayers

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written by crazychick on 2008-Sep-19.

There is this man at school who has been trying endlessly to get with some of the students from last year;I just happen to be one of those students.I have ridiculed,ignored and even taken advantage of the fact that he wants to get with me.When I left the school I was so overjoyed. I bought myself lunch at Fridays and topped it off with a slice of Coconut cake at Devon House. But then due to circumstances beyond my control I have to return to the same school and guess what he will still be there.I stood in disaray as I watched my hopes falling to the floor like a glass;shattered to pieces.

A conversation developed between us where in which I was told that he is ignoring me because I broke his heart. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the chair that I sat on. How can I break something that wasnt whole in the first place? His heart is in little bits and pieces and he cant put it back together because he cant find the missing pieces of the puzzle he calls a heart.

While trying to talk his way into the cold dark vacuum that now occupies the spot where my heart used to be a young lady walked in. Now,this young lady isnt more than 16 and he is 30 something. They start talking he whispers in her ears and stuff next thing I know she start writing down digits. So I was like watch him. Typical Male! As I could say that;while turning off the AC he hit up his genitals. All I could say is God does answer prayers.

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  1. why you praying for bad things to happen to people? shouldn't you be forgiving those who trespass against you, turning cheeks, digging 2 graves etc etc?

    by owen 2008-Sep-22 

  2. Some things come easier than some. I hope he isn't trying to cure an illness with the youngster though.

    by Mad Bull 2008-Sep-22 

  3. Well I guess his persistence pays off, win some loose some. Let's just hope that young girl keeps her head on her body before it's too late.

    by Stunner 2008-Sep-22 

  4. Maybe the 16 year old is just a diversion to make you jealous when that doesn't work he will come looking for you.

    by Dutty Bwoy 2008-Sep-23 

  5. interesting that all the persons supporting this and seemingly against his very anti social behaviour are men mmmmmmm.

    " him. Typical Male! "        [trouble]

    by bobby 2008-Sep-24 

  6. Are you refuting my claim that he matches the description of a typical male?And take precaution when you answer and try not to be biased and note that I said TYPICAL MALE.

    by crazychick 2008-Sep-24 

  7. mmmmmm this sound serious ... conclusion all the above are not typical male ... [indifferent]
    ooohh we all be exceptional male hope that is good... [nive]

    by bobby 2008-Sep-25 

  8. who did the survey to determine what is typical male?

    by Gods Child 2008-Sep-25 

  9. she's obviously young and naive

    by owen 2008-Sep-25