1. I think that they are not necessarily linked to human activity but since we can't be too sure, we should all live like monks and never drive cars or ride buses. We should bring our own reusables to the market and throw out only the things that animals will eat.
    That is all.

    by Gods Child 2012-Apr-12 

  2. we are all going to die

    by owen 2012-Apr-12 

  3. yes but we can leave the planet in great condition for the aliens. That's the neighbour-ly thing to do

    by Gods Child 2012-Apr-13 

  4. I don't think there are aliens. Aliens would have zapped us in the butt already.

    by owen 2012-Apr-13 

  5. Dah wun ya deep! I would say more, but sadly, dah wun ya too deep for me. I think maybe we are messing up the earth, and so attention has to be focused ( by governments) on creating more eco friendly forms of transportation, and on moving us more and more towards using renewable energy sources. God knows what else, but there is probably more they can do.

    by Mad Bull 2012-Apr-18 

  6. but then what about those who want to drive around big trucks?

    by owen 2012-Apr-19 

  7. Found this interesting too;(kinda long video)

    by owen 2012-Apr-22 

  8. global warming ooo so thats why this place is sooo damn hot....... y dosent the govt do anything about it...... jst kiding. its high time we also start doing our bit

    by tanmaya 2012-Jul-13 

  9. I think it's a big issue that insufficient attention is given to.

    by Ayo 2012-Aug-29 

  10. if it gets any warmer im moving north.

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy 2013-Aug-11 

  11. absent

    by huggo777 2013-Sep-21 

  12. dam hippies.

    by BasementCat 2013-Oct-06