1. Only reason I accepted this awfully small picture is because you are drinking pink Ting. When did they gay that up? I've never seen that in JA.

    by owen 2010-Sep-16 

  2. it tastes nearly the same just a little less bitter. I started seeing it about two years ago.

    by Gods Child 2010-Sep-16 

  3. Its only natural to have pink ting. They have pink grapefruit and ting is made from it.

    I saw a pink pepsi/ coke in John R Wong saturday. Shud try.

    by Tami 2010-Sep-20 

  4. yummay! For a cellphone pic, you definitely know how to stage it still. =)

    by Aurie 2010-Sep-22 

  5. where on earth did you find a pink Ting? Its just an abomination

    by Yakeisha 2010-Oct-01