Has spying ever seemed a more glamorous profession?

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written by Gods Child on 2010-Jul-02.

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Check out the recent stories about Russian spy Anna Chapman (alias)and tell me if it doesn't make you dream of becoming a secret agent/party goer.

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  1. oh wait, it turns out Anna Chapman is her real name. . . not her Alias. I'm sure she would have come up with a more glamorous sounding alias.

    by Gods Child 2010-Jul-02 

  2. where can I get a spy job. I assume it's even more strict of spy romance. I would like details of the money and hours. I bet there are even more beautiful spies than her, we just don't know they are who they are.

    by RB 2010-Jul-02 

  3. I have been allergic to torture since I was a child .

    by owen 2010-Jul-03 

  4. You are being tortured already.

    Think of it, you could have an exciting job for years and years and then only when caught, endure a few hours of torture before they realize you will never talk. . .
    or you could endure years and years of excrutiating torture sitting behind a desk and then after that retire for a few years of bliss which you can barely enjoy because of carpal tunnel syndrome

    by Gods Child 2010-Jul-06 

  5. well the only torture I like is the slow and boring kind

    by owen 2010-Jul-07 

  6. No.

    by Sanjid Mahmood Hamim 2010-Jul-13 

  7. Spying????.......Im observant so i call it observation (^_-)

    by Toya 2011-Mar-05 

  8. No. Was a surveillance expert.

    by Cate Jones 2011-May-03 

  9. yes... very interesting... and glamorous

    by Yahja 2011-Sep-11 

  10. yes of course ..i am pretty good at it

    by tay 2012-Jul-13