Bullet And A Target

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written by owen on 2006-Sep-30.

I was never one to snore in my sleep until the company gave us shirts to wear to work. I was really digging the polo shirt and khakis look. But now my world has been turned on its head. I feel like a woman with really curvaceous breasts. Not overly large, exposed or a mother thats nursing a new born but "just right". Right enough that you want to take them in your hands and talk to them as if they were your very own children. A child that you were told to bring up good and proper. More like twins or 2 children born really close to each other. So close that you would think they are twins. Children that, in case you fail to take over the world take the reins.
All is not lost though, for I have grown rather attached. All I can say is beware of the coconut water that comes in a can. It is awful. Really awful. The creative part of my brain could not come up with alternate universe in which I could enjoy the taste of matter that was ejected from the stomach through the mouth of a child (or monkey) in Indonesia. God only knows.
But back to the subject at breast (or at heart as normal people would say), I now know how it feels when everybody you meet glances down at her chest area. In my case they glance down to the cleverly designed company logo print and try to decipher which company it belongs to. Everybody is doing it now, its like falling in love all over again. All the "HIP" companies brand their employees - just in case they get lost. Lost in transit. All I need now is a "if found call 555-5555" printed across my back.

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  1. if my company made me wear a shirt I'd have to quit

    by gods child 2006-Oct-02 

  2. Shirts with company logos suck, especially when people don't like the particular company!

    by Stunner 2006-Oct-02 

  3. they are not a bad change from the polo shirt thing despite the lost of the scrub look :(

    by owen 2006-Oct-02 

  4. ha ha ha

    by shotta m 2006-Oct-02 

  5. Soon I am going to post a picture of MY Polo shirt/khaki attire.

    by Mad Bull 2006-Oct-03 

  6. u don't have to be so negative.
    At least you get to save your owna clothes!

    by goodersgirl 2006-Oct-03 

  7. I wonder if ur boss set up a "Lost and Found" box near the front of the building, that would really help, you should suggest.

    by Kash 2006-Oct-03 

  8. Yeah. Quit being so damn negative Owen. I'm tired of it!!

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Oct-04 

  9. I'm not being negative. :|

    by owen 2006-Oct-04 

  10. what's the deal with those marks around your right eye? At least it looks like there are marks--like sunrays.

    by gods child 2006-Oct-04 

  11. @gc I don't know :|

    by owen 2006-Oct-04