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written by owen on 2006-Aug-28.

I remember a place, a neighborhood like many other neighborhoods, a house like a lot of other houses. And until this day I look back and wonder.
Its been a wild and crazy week not that I hate the desert but it really dry and immense like an endless sea of sand dunes. Many classes missed projects unfinished. I've probably gotten less sleep this week than at any other point in my life and yet still oracle is still giving me errors.

Ever since last week my energy saving bulbs have stared freaking out - I'm not sure, I think its the moisture it air. Its different and yet similar at the same time. It doesn't really matter either way. When I get into super geek mode I hook up my ibook laptop to another 17 inch monitor so that I can multi-task more efficiently with and extended desktop. For some odd reason though the corner in which my computer is situated gets really hot, because there are no windows. Hence, all the fans in the laptop start spinning.

Obviously the hurricane is going in a northerly direction. We should start suing weather forecasters for the really nice guess work they did on Ernesto - thanx guys. I had not seen a worst prediction of the weather since that move called "Twister". Ernesto was also far too gay of a name either way. So the supermarkets were pretty happy over the weekend again for the nil hurricane. Last I heard they referred to it as a "cyclone". I mean really "cyclone"? So as of now my forecast is that the big round cloud which is over the sea will continue raining down on Haiti. What is the news on Haiti? does anybody live there? Do they have the bomb? its like North Korea Why doesn't anybody talk about that place? Anyhow, the forecast on Ernesto is that it will weaken, then strengthen and hit the coast of Florida by Friday. Thats the weather for now.

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  1. So how different is Mac OSX from Linux?

    by Mad Bull 2006-Aug-28 

  2. Mac OSX is running on a flavour of UNIX. I was using the "bash" command line. Thats pretty much all I know about it. So I'd say its more UNIX than Linux

    by owen 2006-Aug-28 

  3. re What is the news on Haiti? does anybody live there? Do they have the bomb? its like North Korea Why doesn't anybody talk about that place?

    Very good point. There are some places that apparently don't merit our notice until they are having a coup. Perhaps there's a reason behind it. There are some news items that are kept in the eye of the public just so we won't notice the really bad things that are going on.

    by Gods Child 2006-Aug-29 

  4. I think its because of the language barrier - french

    by owen 2006-Aug-29 

  5. Yeeaahhh no hurricane no storm! I didn't do anything to prepare apart from catching a little water in my 5 gallon bottle.

    by Stunner 2006-Aug-29