I just want to make love to you

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written by owen on 2006-Jun-19.

I now have reached to the point where I do absolutely nothing on the weekends. Nothing. Not even study for the ridiculous tests I have on Tuesday and Thursday. My mind does not seem to want to learn anything, anymore. It seems bent on reminding me that studying derailing my persute of world domination. Chewing away at my lack of focus. Procrastination. It seems impossible to clear my head. It is as if I was in a bad relationship with a stripper and now I miss her and can't seem to find another one to help me forget. I tried praying about it but it doesn't help, I can't ask for anything I want. I am a C student bent on smashing the hopes and dreams of my lecturers. The drama really means nothing, I just ride by and blow your brains out.

My weekends entail putting stuff in the washing machine. Which makes more noise than a jet engine but I love it because it loves me. Later I check my personal and work email accounts to see if my stripper has taken a mere moment from her time to acknowledge my existence with a few bytes of text. Self torture. Nothing. Nobody sends me anything though which is good. It means that nothing has gone wrong since the last time I gave them some rope with which to hang themselves. The client is always right. May the good lord shine the light on you.

I usually find myself dividing my time between watching television, sleeping and checking email. Sometimes since recently I might browse hi5 looking for a new stripper. But it gets addictive and my eyes start to hurt. I fall in love with the wrong women. With issues. All I want to do is wash your clothes. The wrong strippers tend to like to throw their poo like monkeys and I hate monkeys just as much as I hate people that drive hatch civics. I still don't have a camera so no new pictures. I am not buying anything or leaving my house on a weekend until I get that car.

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  1. i find myself falling in love with what i guess, to be the wrong women. i really don't know though. is it a waste if nothing comes in the end? or is it not wasted time at all? who fucking knows.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jun-20 

  2. it is not wasted time. As I always say its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I try not to regret anything.

    by owen 2006-Jun-20 

  3. I too seem to have no social life, it's just the same mundane things everyday.

    by stunner 2006-Jun-21 

  4. Aren't you too tired of the angst? Why don't you try going to the library and see if there are any nice girls among the stacks? Or ask your mothers to introduce you to one.

    by Gods Child 2006-Jun-21 

  5. Library? what is a library? angst? I'm not angst. I just disgruntled.

    by owen 2006-Jun-21 

  6. Oh. Feel better soon.
    A library is a place filled with books. Often these libraries are air-conditioned. They also sometimes have movies. You can borrow the books and movies but you have to bring them back. The girls you can keep.

    by Gods Child 2006-Jun-21 

  7. GC do you go around picking up guys at libraries? that is so high school

    by owen 2006-Jun-21 

  8. I do not. I pick them up at church. And what's wrong with High School anyway? Seems like ppls methods were better back then. No strippers anyway. Not that I'm suggesting you attempt to approach a highschooler--not what I'm saying at all. Just, things have gotten complicated, haven't they.

    by Gods Child 2006-Jun-22 

  9. I don't know I didn't have much luck with the strippers back in high school. Complicated isn't the word, I would say it is pretty simple of expectations weren't so high. Igorance is bliss.

    by owen 2006-Jun-22 

  10. My weekends are pretty much the same except when it's end of month i go shopping for personals, the next week, it's back to watching rerun's of what i missed the past week. My home phone does'nt even ring anymore and my cell rarely rings on a weekend if even at all.

    by Tamikash 2006-Jun-22 

  11. By the way, you have missing words and spelling errors. " The wrong strippers tend to like to through their poo like monkeys and I hate monkeys just as much as I hate people that hatch civics. "

    by Tamikash 2006-Jun-22 

  12. @T whenever I call you its awkward. I doubt I will ever call you again. Thank you for pointing out the error, though, I should read over my stuff before I posted it up but I can't bother sometimes.

    by owen 2006-Jun-22