Love and Happiness

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written by owen on 2006-May-29.

I have not being doing much lately. The disappointment of the love that was lost has left me a broken man, a man with no hope. Like a monkey. Yeah, I've been busy with work with projects, school and women who annoy me for pleasure. I have looked into the classifieds again but I have not called any of the few that I have seen - I do not know why. All weekend I have nothing but wash clothes, TV and think about how better life would be if she was with me, instead of else where being molested by pirates, riding dirty.

I did meet that girl on the bus again, she told me her name was Monique. Luckily I had some rap music on my ipod shuffle - she said she liked 50. I taught her how to skip the Shania Twain, Capleton and Pop Rock - my tastes vary. You are never sure what unconventional and slightly strange people you'll meet on the bus, so I mix it up. But anybody who says they only like rap music had to be really tasteless. But it did not matter, she was talking with her friend (who she had not seen in ages) and my neck began to hurt from turning around in my seat to face her. I am not much of a conversationalist so I just fell a sleep. I cannot really sleep on moving vehicle so I faked it. I did not get her number either. Next time I will ask her why she is always on the bus that late at night.

Everything would work if it were only up to me. I have lots of work to do. Buy it use it, break it, fix it, crash it, use it, change it, now upgrade it, charge it, pawn it, zoom it, pause it.

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  1. Yeah, you don't want to mix up too much with a girl who likes 50. Strictly homework help with this one I think.

    by Gods child 2006-May-30 

  2. I say if she likes 50 shes all good. My wife likes 50, so I'd better be right. ;-)

    by mad bull 2006-May-30 

  3. That's what I miss about taking the bus, the sexy beautiful females that one can meet on a bus.

    by Stunner 2006-May-31 

  4. u cant juss judge sum1 buy teh music they likeee

    by Daniel 2006-Jun-01 

  5. I'm not judging she entirely, just her tastes

    by owen 2006-Jun-02 

  6. It's always interesting riding a bus, especially late evening. People are so much more calm (except spanish town ppl no disrespect still) and kind and they all watch my ass when i get up to come off at my stop.

    by TamiKash 2006-Jun-06 

  7. I find that there are no hot women riding the bus late at night and if on the rare occasion I usually find out that they are strippers.

    by owen 2006-Jun-22