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written by owen on 2006-Sep-17.

I often listen to my neighbors arguing and wonder how in the world those 2 got together. I have never seen him or her before, as our houses opposed each other. Opposed, not in a Shakespearian way but physically, with the added benefit of a dividing wall. It seems that when all the fun and games are over, what remains are two lost souls trapped in a house together opposed. Opposed, not in a Shakespearian way but mentally. I guess it has always been in the back of my head. The visible realization that relationships involve drama. It gives women something that video games and chocolate ice cream can't - something to feel strongly about.

On sunday she will usually argue with him about going to church. Obviously he has never been to church but she has taken it upon her self to nag away at his very soul. In the hope that eventually he will become what she hoped him to be - perfect. I have never known her. Known, not in a Shakespearian way but visually with my eyes. Only a glimpse of her over the high concrete wall as she hangs out clothes to dry in the mid-day sun. The child cries too much, annoyingly, in a high pitched squeal. I have never heard a baby cry so much before, it is as if it never sleeps. I suppose it is a matter of time before I am the one on the other side of the fence. Not, crying for some tit but arguing with it incessantly. Continuing without pause or interruption over minor details.

Sooner or later the ties that bind are not enough to keep them from driving each other crazy. Rabid, monkey crazy. It just so happens that they argue on saturday mornings when I'm home ( relaxing and diligently cleaning years of accumulated dust ). On one occasion I was tempted to call CSI Jamaica but eventually they calmed down. So now he starts throwing her stuff outside. It won't last until next week surely after all the shouting and crying that went on. She is carefully packing up he belongings from what I hear and he is helping against her wishes. I should have rigged the house with cameras on wednesday but over slept. Intermittently during the packing the argument starts up again. Another one bites the dust.

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  1. You need to put your AK over the wall and spray them next time they disturb you, man.

    by Mad Bull 2006-Sep-17 

  2. That's why I want a house with a big yard with a decent amount of space between me and my neighbors.

    by Stunner 2006-Sep-17 

  3. well I guess you don't need a tv as you have your own soap opera to watch "Live"

    by Shotta M 2006-Sep-19 

  4. really too bad
    There's a Spanish saying:
    antes que te cases, mira lo que haces

    in other words look before you leap

    by Gods Child 2006-Sep-19 

  5. Your neighbours keep you as entertained as i will in our future years to come. I cant wait...walks off singing the Jrn Srn song, Move ur feet!

    by Kash 2006-Sep-19 

  6. GC that saying doesn't work in all situations. we both know that people especially women are like "puss inna bag".

    MB if you look a page 92 of the offical AK owners manual it says in bold text that you should not spray people wid it unless it is in self defence.

    by owen 2006-Sep-19 

  7. @Owen--yes, it's true. They say most men marry a woman hoping that she won't change and she does. Most women marry a man hoping that he will change, and he doesn't. But the Spanish saying up there translates literally to: before you marry, look what you are doing. Perhaps it would be good to do full background checks on ppl you are dating.

    by Gods Child 2006-Sep-20 

  8. GC I could run a background check on you and it would still return nothing I think its more of a magnet theory situation - they might have not opposed until they started living together. But I do she you point thought, everybody should come with a list of their exs and hereditary tendancies.

    by owen 2006-Sep-20 

  9. What u mean by women are "puss inna bag?". When we are "what u see is wat u get" men have a problem saying we're too predictable, then we deviate from the norm y'all become scared of us and call us freaks. Make ur dam mind up!

    by Kash 2006-Sep-20 

  10. see, that is what I'm talking about

    by owen 2006-Sep-21 

  11. Bwoy, dem neighbourhood kas kas is suppem else. Visited a bredrin recently who lives in a 'townhouse' and there across the road was a mother/daughter argument in place. I was quite surprised to hear what was taking place, but my bredrin was not at all moved...him seh...a de usual shyte dat my yute!

    Kinda strange to me who live in house....

    by doctord 2006-Sep-25