1. milk, cookies, and a good cry
    (soy milk can be substituted if you prefer)

    by gods child 2006-Sep-28 

  2. um ice cream cheese cake and if that fails super glue o.O

    by taylor 2006-Sep-28 

  3. Show the broken hearted person someone new, hot and available!

    by mad bull 2006-Sep-29 

  4. go to greece. (hell yer!)

    by me 2006-Sep-30 

  5. what does greece do?

    by owen 2006-Sep-30 

  6. a lot.
    lol.. nah.. met a really HOT guy from greece the other nite at a club.
    go to greece, owen. youll forget all your sorrows in a flash.

    by me 2006-Oct-02 

  7. too far. I was more thinking of taping the heart back together with duck tape.

    by owen 2006-Oct-02 

  8. yu know, yu could just get it taped in greece then.
    uh huh... now thats a thort...

    by me 2006-Oct-04 

  9. You have to find new ways to occupy your mind, and that usually means finding someone else to hang out with.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Oct-04