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written by owen on 2006-Jun-12.

There is something here;

She says: hey u busy
I say: deya
She says: wat a gwaan
I say: deya, trying to get some stuff finished before I leave
She says: k
I say: so whats up
I say: no gym today?
I say: check out link to products/ Timepiece / Pathfinder
I say: sorry wrong window
She says: wats this
I say: sorry wrong window
I say: its a casio watch
I say: obviously
She says: y would u send a casino watch 2 me u hear i gamble
I say: ok
I say: so ah whats up
I say: I'm going to post this on a website.
She says: broken hearted cant tell if someone is using me or not
She says: i need some advise from u been dats u r a guy too

But the watch is cool though, look at the features!!

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  1. Dis a di real bad man watch: G-Shock/DW5600E-1V

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jun-12 

  2. hahahaha check the montbrillant_datora. analog with a hand for the day of the month.

    by owen 2006-Jun-13 

  3. fuck girls. i like watches much better.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jun-13 

  4. Here, Michael, I have 3 watches putdung. Take them and give me your girls... I much prefer girls...

    by mad bull 2006-Jun-13 

  5. ohmygosh Jamaicans _actually_ talk like that? That's gold! i love it.

    by tristan 2006-Jun-13 

  6. send me my goddamn watches then mad bull!

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jun-14 

  7. The girls first, Michael! At least pics... I want to have some idea as to what I'm getting for my watches, after all!

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jun-14 

  8. last time I heard human trafficing was illegal unless you are helping the US with its immigration issues. What do I have to give you to get Jennifer Lopez?

    by owen 2006-Jun-15 

  9. Ah Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry me wah!

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jun-16 

  10. Oi. Dats a nice watch. Dis one even better

    As for the girl.... dunno. Oblivious? *whistling*

    by FyrFli 2006-Jun-19 

  11. daayuuum!!!! yea that's beat yo!!

    by aurie 2006-Jul-07