1. no

    and because I got this error:
    Is that all you can say; no? you aren't much of a speecker are you?

    I'll just add, no I don't think so. Anybody can be an ass.

    by Gods child 2006-Jun-07 

  2. Ok Gods child, but are this 'asses' noticably more concentrated in any particular race?

    by OddOne 2006-Jun-08 

  3. yes. They are.

    by Gods Child 2006-Jun-11 

  4. see, I told you that it was a lame question. A better question would "who is the biggest ass in the world now?"

    by owen 2006-Jun-11 

  5. i'm an ass of all sorts. many have told me so.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jun-13 

  6. An ass ... and race hmmmm.... It might have somthing to do with one another.

    by jane22 2006-Jun-15 

  7. yes, human race
    big asses

    by Gods Child 2006-Jun-16 

  8. i think so, for e.g oriental chinese r taught 2 be calm & open minded soo... wat a black would get real upset over they'd probably jus stay calm an try 2 fin a solution.

    by emifanatic 2006-Jun-18 

  9. no it does not. Race affects how "aggression" is perceived and interpreted.

    by gelede 2006-Jul-29