1. haha, i don't have an anti-drug. drugs aren't bad.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jul-29 

  2. My yute and a good upbringing! I owe nuff nuff to my parents! Big up Daddy and Mommy! Oonoo large!

    by Mad Bull 2005-Jul-29 

  3. Hah, looking at drugsusers on the street always cheers me up, and confirms how much better I am then they are.

    by Hayo 2005-Jul-30 

  4. My grandmother. She invests a lot in my future, i feel like i owe her.

    by Tami 2007-Feb-05 

  5. Hey, what happened to the old interface... I liked that better!

    by mad bull 2007-Feb-07 

  6. [confident] sorry I changed it before I left. This one shows a better overview of what is going on on the site. I'll change it back when I get home - with camera!

    by owen 2007-Feb-09