1. guitar and bass. and leisure sports

    by mike wyatt 2005-Aug-04 

  2. I also Play bass. much better than i play drums and guitar.

    by Josh Rayson 2005-Aug-06 

  3. I've been known to play the Coronet and Trumpet pretty well. I draw, but not fabulously.

    by Faith 2005-Aug-06 

  4. I'm able to blend in pretty well with photojournalists. besides that, i can complain very thoroughly.

    by Hayo 2005-Aug-07 

  5. i can... er, i can... hmm, i ... yeah, so, i think i forgot the question.

    by tristan 2005-Aug-08 

  6. drums, basketball, and procrastination, the latter being my most cultivated skill.

    by alex13 2005-Aug-08 

  7. I can play the piano. Did lessons for 15 years almost.

    by Yamfoot 2005-Aug-10 

  8. eating... sleeping... and um.. did i mention eating?

    by me 2005-Aug-14