1. drinkstrong and lovelong. do those and you'll be happy.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Sep-15 

  2. I want a happy, short life. I'd hate to live to be 140, and be a complete vegetable for the last 60 years of my life.

    by Hayo 2005-Sep-16 

  3. well michael according to you should;

    • Don't oversleep
    • Be optimistic
    • Have more sex
    • Get a pet
    • Get a VAP
    • Be rich
    • Stop smoking
    • Chill out
    • Eat your antioxidants
    • Marry well

    by owen 2005-Sep-16 

  4. diet, rest and exercise. Especially diet. Make sure you have your 6-8 servings of whole grains and your 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables, cut back on protein, fats and sugars. Only eat the amount of protein your body requires. The hardest of the above is the whole grains because most of the grains we eat today are not whole, infact they are processed. The rice, the wheat has all be processed of the essential lipids and sterols which reside in the husk of these grains. In order to get this back into your diet, I strongly suggest "Tre-en-en Grain Concentrate" and to supplement your fruits and vegetables I strongly suggest "Caratonoid Complex".

    by alex 2005-Sep-19 

  5. i salute you, but as for me i have those whole grain here in Africa, so inabundance wish you were here, i also take Tre-en-en and those caratonoid complex.
    Also love God and live Godly!!!

    by mattie 2011-Apr-08 

  6. Stunner's 10 suggestions:

    Eat right
    Be Kind
    Don't badmind
    Don't keep yourself angy
    Have fun
    Drink nuff water
    Seek God
    Don't smoke!
    Share you life with someone

    by stunner 2005-Sep-20 

  7. i like this, Seek/love God;be kind; have fun; drink water; share ur life with someone

    that is so true!!!


    by mattie 2011-Apr-08 

  8. 1. Have plenty sex
    2. Balance carbs, protein, and fat
    3. Pump some iron
    4. Jog or do some other form of aerobics
    5. Try not to live in heavily-polluted cities
    6. Don't talk on the rass cellphone while driving!
    7. Regular check-ups
    8. Don't eat too much red meat
    9. Learn stress-management skills.
    10. Have plenty of sex

    by AngryDog 2005-Sep-20 

  9. I'm one of those people who wants to go young. I live in England what can I say!

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-20 

  10. love God and live godly, eat whole wheats and lots of water

    by matti 2011-Apr-08