1. interesting is subjective, but ne ways, increasing my vocabulary by learning "interesting" words, reading "interesting" books, talking to all the girls i used to have crushes on and finding out its not that hard. making useless but "interesting" php applications.

    by alex 2005-Jul-22 

  2. eating at sweet tomato. Seeing new technology at Comp USA. Having a new outlook on life.

    by john G 2005-Jul-23 

  3. HAHA. I'll bet you can guess what interesting things I've been up to, Owen.

    I have been spending my nights getting drunk since Tuesday, and tonight is no exception.

    I went on a mini-vacation with a few of my buds to Middle Bass Island right smack dab in the middle of Lake Erie and spent three days boozing from waking to sleeping. I shotgunned 18 beers in a row at 11am. Great times.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jul-23 

  4. Re-living my childhood by going to my old stomping grounds (New York) and amusement parks.

    by angrydog 2005-Jul-24