1. baseball, but i am american, so i am clearly biased. plus cricket cause me lots of trauma in younger days because it came on during the time that should have been slotted for cartoons. Damn bastards! Cricket lasts days, what the hell for!!

    by alex 2005-Jul-26 

  2. Both are retarded.

    by Hayo 2005-Jul-26 

  3. I'm supposed to like baseball, but I don't. So I'm with Hayo on that one.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Jul-26 

  4. They both make sense, but baseball bores me. Cricket can be quite interesting, and its always irie from the Red Stripe Mound....

    BTW, I hear they are making major changes to Sabina Park for the Cricket World Cup next year, including moving the entire Red Stripe Mound to another part of the ground! :-o

    by Mad Bull 2005-Jul-27 

  5. definitely cricket. thought i say that after watching it obsessively for fifteen years, so one would hope it make sense to me by now.

    Sabina park got all washed up didn't it? i think i remember shane warne going over there to help rebuild some of it (ha).

    speaking of jamaicans, that brian lara is still a fine player eh? and he must be over thirty five by now. actually, come to think of it, i don't think he's jamaican, i think he's from trinadad and tobago. i remember him as a young fella, pushing his way inot the team that used to punish australia for days on end, ambrose, walsh, and garner - they were scary blokes.

    by tristan 2005-Jul-27 

  6. Cricket is the best game in the world baseball is a cheap imitation....

    by rodale 2005-Jul-27 

  7. None of them make sense! I agree with Hayo

    by Breakspeare 2005-Jul-29 

  8. Like!

    by Yamfoot 2005-Aug-25