Where did this quote come from?

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written by Brandon on 2005-Jan-03.

Well I look at it as of more like the beginning of an exploration. What the sky looks like. what the stars look like, do they still twinkle or are they a steady light when you get outside the atmosphere

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  1. I quoted it from song called "exploration" by "the karminsky experience". Which was a part of Indigo Club, issue #64 radio mix. That is all I know about it.

    by owen 2005-Jan-03 

  2. It was also on "MOS - The Chillout Session (Very Best Of) - Disc 1"

    by HYS 2005-Jan-07 

  3. Also seen on the CD's "Den of Thieves" and "The Power of Suggestion".

    by RVD 2005-Feb-22 

  4. also appears on "Solid Steel Presents - Bonobo - It Came from the Sea" (ninja tune)

    by rizla 2006-Feb-01 

  5. this quote is also featured on the DJ Kicks: Thievery Corporation mix album, which is a rather good record.

    by kate 2006-Nov-06