1. I rarely if ever watch LifeTime. Too much of a chick channel for me.

    by Stu 2005-Feb-07 

  2. Gee, a lifetime seems a bit long for a movie, don't 'ya think?

    by DrWho 2005-Mar-07 

  3. This channel is for all the angry women in the world. They can sit for 4 hours and watch what happens to some poor bastard who has been nagged all his life and then decides to cheat , because all he hears is that women nagging like the little ball in the spray paint can. He works sooo hard to give them the life she always wanted then complains that he is always working. Well duh.. you want that friggen Mercedes, pool, lifestyle.. but nooo.. he's never home, he does not pay attention to me.. Then they get divorced and she gets half... What a world... we need torte reform !!!

    by Spencer 2005-Mar-07 

  4. I'm a man and I love Lifetimes movies. Some, I admit, are over the top ludicrous but, overall, the movies are interesting--and, on occasion you see some really great stuff.

    by Bill 2005-Apr-01 

  5. I Really Liked Watching lifetime Movies for women all the time
    My Favorite was dawn anna
    Sleeping With Devil It are all My Favorites Lifetime Movies

    by Alheli Rosa Angel Carles 2005-Oct-12 

  6. I am looking for a particular movie that was shown only once called Rookies directed by Paul Shaprio l989-90....would like to obtain a copy of this you have any info as to how I could go about getting a copy? thanks Rae

    by Snooke 2005-Oct-31 

  7. @Snooke can't help you with that sorry.

    by owen 2005-Nov-01