Feb 2022

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written by owen on 2022-Feb-01.

This is most likely the plainest theme I have ever created for the website. I did alot of things last year that I cannot even recall at the moment. I will have to update this post as I gather the records. I think I started designing this CSS since last December and up until today I am still uninspired. The modern web today is full of long mobile brochure websites that are different only in fonts and background colours.

Some things I did last year (that I can remember);

  • Released a whole new Wii game based around a synthwave theme called NewoZero. Some say its may best work so far.
  • Wasted a bunch of time trying to increase my instagram followers.
  • I spent alot of last year taking pictures untold amount of gigs of data mostly bad pictures but I am getting better.

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