July 2021

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written by owen on 2021-Jun-24.

Things to do

  • I have to rebuild the JMGov search index which was last built in Oct 2019. Since so many things have happened I need to complicate it a bit by allowing users query multiple indexes. I will most likely have an advanced search link or something like that. No history, no future.

  • I need to change the file formate of my index into something that is more stream-able. Because the current file is getting too big to load into server memory as whole.
  • I am pretty much done with the upgrades/optimizations to NewoZero version 1.1, will have to push that update out to players at some point in the summer. The game has only been out 2 months and has already garnered a whole bunch of fans.
  • I have several blog posts that I need to write - I am getting really lazy on the blogging front - maybe its old age but I have a few bit of tech that I have bought recently and CDs to review that have been sitting on my desk for months. They are not going to write themselves.
  • I am at the lazy area in Hyper Metroid, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Hyper Metroid is fun, it just has a few unexplained tricks that you might not realize that you are being taught during game play such as "hyper ball".

Things Done

  • Changed both front shock mounts and bump stops on my car. Probably going to have to change the break pads next or spray the fading bonnet.


Despite the chaotic cluster that was last month's server move I think things turned out pretty well. I am still on a never ending bug hunt but these are the struggles you face when you have a 20 year old custom blog.

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