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written by owen on 2021-Jun-26.

Whenever, wherever you are in life, whatever you are doing - you always need to be vigilant and conscious of your progress.  Always remember that some things are out of your control, hell is other people and some things require a course correction. Direction is very important, you need to be heading towards something even if you are not sure what it really is.

One of the biggest problems with the current civilized society is that responsibility is being shifted from the corporations/government to individuals who will suffer and die alone if they mess up.  So if you are a part of a movement - any movement, social or otherwise - you have to ask yourself is this movement a comfort blanket or am I a part of a Desert Storm.

I have been curating my social media feeds as more people get accustomed to standing on the virtual social media corner waiting for something to happen.  I for one am in possession of too many hobbies to have my time wasted by laymen on social media.  Or worse yet professional time wasters on mass media.  If in a moment of weakness I take my time to reply to your dumb tweet than has zero replies and I do not get a response within 24 hours.  I will unfollow you with a quickness.  Not enough time, not enough money.

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