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written by owen on 2019-Feb-04.

People like to talk about how all good things come to those who wait. Like car loans and health insurance. But they avoid talk about all the bad things - the unspeakable - duppies under their beds, rolling calves. We take comfort in hoping for the good things in live without reminding ourselves that we are floating on a big rock flying through space. Or maybe even the world is totally flat because if you look into it no one can really independently truth the facts eitherway. Relying on the good you know is just another thing that helps you sleep well at night but it does not help much of you do not watch out for the doors and corners. Because thats where they get you.

It is easier for someone from my old highschool to recognize me than it is for me to recognize them. I sometimes get a glimmer but most times I will not remember your name or where exactly I know you from. One person said I have distinctive features that makes my face easy to remember. I am not sure. I think during that time my main obsessions were MarioKart64, passing my exams and trying not to get beat up by bullies. Remembering people's names was never one of my strong suits. Plus in the later years of CXC everyone was rushing to figure out what they were going to do after high school and it appeared that the sky was falling. But personally I did not care much.

I am always working on something. Constantly thinking about one of the many pet projects that I have on the back burner or the front burner or in the microwave - whatever. It is one of the reasons I avoid lists, reunions, whatsapp and things that take pride in consuming my time or put me into some kind of danger. Aint nothing nobody can do with me. Even with that said I am never busy. Being busy is a state of mind. I may appear busy but it is a case where, at the base level, I am consumed with the things I love. It is the way we get by. If you are not doing the thing you love then you need to stop.

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