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written by owen on 2018-Sep-15.

I drive an uncommon car so whenever I see another person in a similar car I pretend that we are in a sort of exclusive club. There are no meetings or dues. People who drive recklessly or do not maintain their vehicles automatically have their membership revoked. Even the simple act of not acknowledging the horn toot? of a fellow member would be considered impolite. All we would need now are some stickers, a flag and a small island with freshly paved roads free of potholes.

I went to the country - I might have mentioned - developed an annoying creek in my dashboard. Though I should be glad to be alive, it does not bring comfort. Creeks are what we call "old car struggles". Some creeks you can learn to live with others are a sign that something is not quite doing what its suppose to.

At one point in the journey I started to question the world as a whole. I stopped the car got out and pondered life as I picked up a stone and threw it into the stream. I was at the point of no return. I went back to the car and told everyone to get out. Its about to get wild. I guess you never know who you really are until you cross a flowing stream deep in the bushes of a land with no name. It was a shortcut they said, just 15 minutes that way. 1 hour later, 3 creeks and a million potholes we reach back to civilization. Never again.

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