Bodak Yellow

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written by owen on 2018-Aug-04.

In life sometimes you simply have to cut your loses, bring the horse out back, shoot it and then sell the farm. That point came for me when I realised that water parks are not my thing. I am 100 percent water-parked-out. The chlorine makes my eyes red, slides give me a headache. Everything looks all foggy. It may be fun for a while but at this point I have seen all there is to sea.

Its been almost a week and I can tick Toronto off my bucket list. Its hard to conceive the actual day of the week without looking at my phone.  I am just chilling enjoying my time with these fine people, absorbing the chlorine in the air and the sound of footsteps echoing through the wood flooring. Kicking it Jackie Chan with chicken balls from Japan.

Big city life might not be immediately obvious to the untrained eye. Do not even try to say hi to your neighbours unless they are bleeding heavily from a wound. And whatever you do ensure that you do not get lost without a map or stranded on the highway.

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