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written by owen on 2018-Dec-23.

You will see me at your Christmas party, partaking in the free catered food. Any other night I would be fast asleep in my bed but I can only exist in a single space and one country at anyone time. It has to do with physics or something . Everything else is relative; memories and dreams existing only in our heads. The only thing real are the "feels" you have right now. Of course I have been here before - not exactly the same but similar.

I dance in a corner. Or sit in the open where I can see the most people. The thickest of the herd. I never go onto the dance floor except to appease those who want to give me a courtesy wine.? Click me finger gal a go roll wid me. Said dem want to stroll wid me. Said dem fall in love wid me. I am the guy hanging out behind the bar drinking smirnoff ice vodka. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ha, ha, ha.

I have to call someone in the morning to give them money for patties. I have no idea why people overseas miss patties over every other thing from Jamaica. Things like potholes and random thunder storms. Dancehall and reggae. Bulla and cheese. Dream weekend. Ravers and chromas. Shine yeye gal. Christmas parties and bonuses that are never quiet enough to do what you wanted to do.Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

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