Hurricane Drunk

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written by owen on 2018-Jul-26.

I was just at the autoparts place and a man pull up asking for a water pump for a 91 swift. The parts man promptly said "no". The man then jumped back into his car, reverse, car shutoff and start and off he went. At the same time I was there buying the cheapest battery I could find for a 2008 swift. The swift is on its second transmission. This transmission sounds worse than the first but the car runs - bit ruff but the AC north pole cold and it was lady driven. The battery dolly installed the battery and I was on my way as well. I had a long ride to Kingston ahead of me and many police checkpoints to pass before I make this delivery. Lesson: Every man have them struggle.

The summer is hot, I mean really hot like 10 fire side. Every time I see a cloud in the sky I pray its a hurricane coming to wash the heat away. Certainly there will be flash flooding with the ground this dry. I realize that the meaning of summer dramatically changes as you get older but this heat is ridiculous.

One of the hardest things is the ability to let go of the things that do not matter. Eventually the things that you own start owning you. How do you know what matters? You dont, because nothing matters. It is all just stuff going around and around in circles, people covering their ass, not doing their jobs and waiting on the next pay cheque. I run, they run, everyone just having fun. Dont stop.

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