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written by owen on 2018-Dec-05.

Whenever I go to a new city I seek out the old stone. I marvel at it and wonder how long it has been there and where it came from. How many dogs have walked by and peed on its side. Old stone and old buildings are timeless like the pyramids of Egypt. No matter what you are going through or what keeps you up at night all you have to remember is that old stone. That old stone will always be there. Like time itself. Feeling the heat of the sun, the cold night, the weight of gravity and the push of time.

My wisdom tooth is acting up and I asked the dentist if it is trying to kill me. He said no and proceeded to recommend some procedures but I prefer to avoid major surgery unless its absolutely necessary. We are all flawed. Some of us in painful ways. It has its times. The dentist says I should recover in a couple days unless I do not. Then who knows, "dentistry is not an exact science" - as noted in the EULA that I had to sign before I saw him. lol. Go forth into the night.

I am currently working on moving web hosts, writing a dashboard tool, in between projects. This website has allot of stuff even though it is only 2.5 gigs in total. The main challenge with websites and computers in general is figuring out the right process. You cant really rush through all the time. You can but I would not encourage it. And if anyone tells you that technology is the future they are are lying.

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