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written by owen on 2018-Jun-26.

It doesn't take any extra energy for me to write stuff down. Being that I am already thinking deeply about it - ALL THE TIME - writing it down becomes as second nature. All I do is compose a new email and add paragraphs as they comes to mind. I avoid things that waste my thought space and I purposely dodge the stimulation that comes from browsing social media all day so that my mind is free to focus. God knows what social media is doing to people's brains. Constantly finding new cats videos and having to storing them in their brain. I have 20 unfinished articles in drafts (probably more). I am not really in a rush to finish them because only fools rush in.

I used to rush to publish but I later realized that the longer I let them bake - the clearer my thoughts would become and the less spelling mistakes I made. Sometimes I am surprised by the number of thoughts/events that re-occur over time that I recall to have written down previously. When I go to look for it, I find that its something I wrote down in 2011 and I think to myself; "crap I am old!". My new habit is to post a link to something I previously written every time I comment on social media. I am sure it triggers some people.

If course in 2011 I would have had a large number spelling errors but it does not matter much because the concept remains the same. I would have spend a whole month thinking about it, hence I rarely need to make big changes as some concepts stand the test of time. Coming up the basic concept of the article/post is the hard part. Of course I do not want to seem like a self-righteous, ignorant ass. But at the same time I want to impart some original idea, or thought. I want to build rocket ships. Sometimes writing it down frees my mind to think about other things. I do not have feelings festering in my mind. I free them.

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