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written by owen on 2004-Nov-16.


As Jamaica gets bombarded by an ever increasing array of American products, services, and culture, many Jamaicans are taking their business overseas or rely more on foreign services to meet their needs. Needs which can be supplied by qualified local companies. It is in this respect that local businesses need to become more aware of the loss of revenue which is caused by this epidemic.

It is no surprise that money transfer or remittance services has become a major source of foreign exchange in Jamaica, but the question is: Are they spending all that money on Jamaica? or are they spending it on Britney Spears CDs? Many might argue that Jamaican businesses are more prosperous than ever, but are these companies really Jamaican or are they subsidiaries of foreign owned companies?


A wise man once said, "The person who saves money by not advertising is like the man who stops the clock to save time." source

Advertising for Small Businesses lists 9 major types of advertising;

Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Television, Cable, Yellow Pages, Outdoor, Direct Mail, Specialty Advertising (Give Aways) source

Advertising is a crucial part of developing our local businesses. Local businesses need to do a better job of informing potential buyers about local business opportunities through effective advertising.

If Jamaican business and individuals are ever to reach their true potential they have to invest the time and energy get themselves known to local consumers - there is no such thing as being too popular.

Advertising is a investment in a business's future. It is often costly, so it is best to find out as much as you can before investing in advertisement.


Local businesses and individuals should look at all of the media communications available to them and then make the decisions that will give the best return on investment for the long and short term - develop an awareness of the problem and determine if advertising is a way of solving it.

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  1. Yeah, we could do with more advertising, it is true that in jamaica it seems business owners cut corners to save money, lol

    by Alex 2004-Nov-18 

  2. man i hear you about this whole advertising stuff and i agree that it is one of the ways that local producers can get their business profitable however we also have to place emphasis on the quality.
    I heard that they estimate that jamaica has over 800 billion barrels of oil in St. Ann. They also said that there is natural gas as well. if this is so how do u think that would affect Jamaica's economy?

    by sniperj 2004-Nov-21