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The Gmail Conspiracy Theory

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written by owen on 2004-Jun-27.

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By the time you read this every nerd, computer freak and apple mac user will have a gmail account. The idea is as ingenious as it is simple. Lure a select few into the system then let them invite others of their kind. By 12 pm July 2004 google will have in it's member datastore the most comprehensive list of web developers, programmers, designers, internet users and beta testers ever compiled.

Stage 2

All gmail has to do now is stop giving out invites before the list get polluted with the normal people - people who use email to send chain letters and silly pictures to each other. But maybe gmail is smart than this maybe it can tell the smart people from the others and so forth be able to expand there member database indefinitely without destroying it's integrity.

The Next Stage

Nobody outside the circle knows what gmail plans to do in the future. What ingenious forms of data mining algorithms will be developed. We can only hope for the best.

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  1. I think you might be on to something there, Owen.

    by Allen 2004-Jun-28 

  2. So you think Gmail is too creepy?

    by MaThIbUs 2004-Jun-28 

  3. the whole never delete email thing is ok, I gots no problem with that

    by owen 2004-Jun-28 

  4. I think you mean "others of their kind" ;) hehe sory I hate it when people point that stuff out to me.

    Interesting ideas though!

    by Matt 2004-Jun-29 

  5. do you want a gmail account? I got some invites left....hehe

    by david 2004-Jul-01 

  6. "and apple mac user will have a gmail account"

    heh heh. are you an apple mac user owen? ;) I agree with you. I think its a big conspiracy. But, its a mighty clever one.

    by pointybeard 2004-Jul-01 

  7. interestig theory. theres lots of google hype out there, what with what theyre doing. and for a good reason too. if you want, i can send you an invite;)

    by LEX 2004-Sep-22 

  8. They are working on a new Google Tree. It'll show how everyone is linked, who your friends are, and find out how many degrees of separation exist and how long it takes word of mouth to spread in the internet community.

    by G Deezy 2004-Oct-05 

  9. i have some invites, if you want one email me : mcgui0r at gmail.com

    yours faithfully

    Mcguir3 - Spy for goo.... =/

    by Mcguir3 2004-Oct-19 

  10. "dont be evil" is the motto of the creaters of google. They are humble, ride there bikes to work and still live in apartments, dispite there millions.
    what other company do you know that has a similar motto?
    I trust gmail. I do believe they have a reason for getting all the hackers, coders ect. using there email service. Could be to help with bug fixes. Could be something else.

    There is NO company I trust more then google. If Google is not legit, then NONE of them are.
    (we all know most are NOT).

    by 1337 2005-Feb-01 

  11. never delete an email again: so that there is a complete vast history of email in one central repository on US soil...

    may be this is so that the US government have more information on the suspected "global terror networks" hiding out in their underground secret lairs like... James Bond style.

    nah but seriously, you can't trust em. I mean, the FBI raided an internet service provider in the UK and took the uk indymedia.org servers due to "suspected terrorism" things. Just imagine if they nabbed the gmail servers. Think of all the information about the organisers of disent and details of people who don't think that the US has a right to be terrorising the rest of the world like it is doing man! Scarey stuff. Be paranoid!

    by Paranoia 2005-Mar-14 

  12. Do I really care if the US government reads an email from me to my friends telling them how i banged a girl and her sister the same night and have it all on an MPEG video? Hell no, Mr.Bush can blow his wad all over his monitor till his heart's Content. If you're not into terroisom, why do you care if they read your emails unless you're doing something u shouldn't be. If thats the case, don't use any email at all :P

    by Load 2005-Apr-14 

  13. information is power. Spys not only spying on terrorists. also on companies and the like that do business legally are interesting and so is people who figth for human rigths and enviromental things (because they endangeror the business of the Ustates [which is hell of a lot on weapons and oil and drugs])

    by pain 2005-May-15 

  14. You were probably stockpiling food and fuel for the Y2K bust too.

    by Gmail user 2005-May-26 

  15. If your theory is correct, i don't really mind being part of whatever happens... its time for something exciting anyway. couple of notes though on previous replys, an email does not have to be sent to be used by multiple users and thus used to build a social network, this aspect has been exploited many times my hacker groups and i believe terrorists also. take into account aswell the ammount of people that read this, and the ammount of people with a gmail account the comparison a ratio of what about 1:10 000 000?? so on that note, the power that google has Vs people aware of potential threats... is quite insignificant, so we can't do a hole lot except maybe not use gmail... can you be bothered, who's to say all popular web-based email companies don't do similar things anyway?

    by h_black 2005-Sep-24 



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