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written by owen on 2003-Sep-11.

I was watching a movie yesterday, the credits came up, the song started playing and bam. The room lit up, the curtains came down and everybody left the theater. What? :x Do people not watch the ending credits anymore? Have the planets gone blue screen? You've already wasted 2 hours of your life watching the movie, (not to mention most of high school) you could at least see who made it or which bands sang the background music!
To my dismay this practice has transended to the cable channels and network televison as well. Not only do I have to listen to previews of movies 3 months away, every hour on the hour, but I have to watch them in the ending credits! I don't need to see 10 second alternate endings for a movie that had a stupid ending in the first place! Leave me alone. I want to see text move up the damn screen, listen to background music, and take note of the songs incase I might want to acquire the CD. Damn them, what do they think I'm going to do run away as soon as I realise that I watched another pointless movie?
I think there's grounds for a law suit somewhere in there. I mean if you install light bulbs on the set of some movie you should have the previledge of having your name move up or left the screen in legible peace and dignity. An that's another thing credits should scroll up the screen. Don't get all smart and add stuff to it, that's stupid - get a life. I understand the issue with the network channels they need to make money, but squishing the credits until they can't even be read!
No one needs to see the making of the movie during the ending credits! You made it, you're using wires and it's stupid, take your money and go home. Your other co-stars hate your fame and think that you are a pineapple. Shut up!

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  1. Great case.

    by Jesper 2003-Sep-11 

  2. I'd agree, except credits these days can run for in excess of 10 minutes. I do not really need to know who was the caterer on the set, or who was the personal assistant to the head accountant for the second unit director.

    "Les Greenblatt? Wow, didn't he keep the books for Child's Play II? Cool!"

    by Spoons 2003-Oct-04 

  3. I tend to agree. I usually sit through all or most of the credits, usually a combo of curiosity about who's who and to see if there's an Easter Egg buried in the end or during the credits. I often want to see the part of the credits that shows who played what characters after a TV movie, so the squishing drives me nuts because nobody can read it then. All that does is fulfill the letter of the screening obligation the station has that says thou shalt broadcast the end credits. So they do, but without usefulness or meaning.

    by Jay Solo 2003-Oct-04 

  4. And there's another reason I nolonger watch network television; you ever notice how they neatly cut out bad words and sex sences out of the movies they show? I know they have to do it but can't they life put a censored box or beep something out? Not perfectly delete parts of the movie, or do voice overs. Trust me if you haven't watched it before you'll never notice what's missing.

    by owen 2003-Oct-06 

  5. I totall agree! I was watching a classic John Wayne movie last night, "In Harms Way" and for the life of me could not figure out the name of his supporting actress. I waited for the credits only to have them pushed aside so the station could advertise the next movie!!!!! I have been searching for info on the cast for the last 2 hours without any luck, came close though. Have you any idea where to locate casts of movies???? Thanking you in advance for any info you may have.

    by Robin Moya 2003-Nov-23 

  6. for the people searching for the actual ending credits of a specific movie you can visit the Internet Movie Database Inc.. And robin I think this is the movie your are refering to.

    by owen 2003-Nov-23 

  7. I do not enjoy watching for hours without knowing the cast. I posed this question to Turner Broadcasting, who uses to ending time to show upcoming shows and other yada-yada while collapsing the screen. Their answer: Were the broadcaster, who are you to ask? If this is what they think of us as the viewing public than maybe we ought to assemble some sort of petition to stop this s--t!

    by otter than ell 2004-Feb-20 

  8. In Taiwan, where I based working for an international intelligence agency devoted to world peace, NOT, ...

    In Taiwan, the movie theaters there do not even run credits after USA movies shown here. The theater owners just cut the movie at the end, the doors open, lights go up, everyone goes home, no credits, not even a single one, no credits ending theme or music, no fade to black and fade to silence. Just open the doors at soon as movie is OVER, start sweeping the floors, etc.

    WHY? BEcause the theater owners want to squeeze in as many screenings per day as they can, so eight times 10 minutes equals 80 minutes or another full screening, equals more money. Sad. I am protesting but to no avail.

    I feel theater owners are illegally and unethically cutting a work of art when they do this. If Hollywood directors knew what the taiwan theater owners are doing to their films, they would scream bloody murder. In fact, I intend to enlist Speilberg in my campaing. Email if you have ideas.

    In Japan, the polite Japanese watch the entire film, all the credits till final credit and fade to dark. They are cool, Japan.

    Taiwan is way behind the wave.

    by dan bloom 2004-Jul-28 



    Hi Nilanjana...writer in INDIA, columnist there

    Thanks for your ending credits stories. interesting. I am an old movie
    buff, since my college days of watching French movies and Indian
    movies (Mr Sajiyat Ray!!!!) in Boston, so when I go to a movie, I feel
    it is very important, AND PART OF THE WORK OF ART we have just
    watched, to stay in the dark theater and watch the cedits roll and see
    who played which characters, we might make a new connection seeing the
    names! (O my god, that was so and so?) and also I like seeing names in
    French or Italian and Indian or Japanese, NAMES are cool, all names,
    and ALSO, very important, the music and theme music during the credits
    sequence is part of the movie, designed by the director to be part of
    his or her work of art, so walking out before the final credit rolls
    is disrespectful. IMHO! It's like reading a book and not looking at
    the last page and just closing the book and going to sleep. Not right,
    not fair. So I am organizing worldwide PROTECT THE CREDITS movement
    of movie lovers to help make sure that all theater goers STAY PUT and
    watch the credits roll until the end and NO ONE LEAVES THE THEATER
    UNTIL THEN....or else! HAHA. SMILE.

    In Taiwan, it i so terrible. In Taipei, the capital city, some modern
    theaters do let the entire credits roll and then people can decide for
    themselves whether to stay or leave and run to the parking lot! SMILE
    Most do run. Not me, I stay put. Stubborn fool that I am! Movie lover that I am!

    But in my small town city in the south of taiwan, the theater managers
    just cut the film at the end, no credits roll, no ending theme music
    to comfort the mind, just BRIGHT LIGHT as the doors open and the old
    ladies sweeping the floor yell EVERYONE OUT, THE MOVIE'S OVER!

    I say: I BEG YOUR PARDON! The movie is NOT OVER until the fat lady
    sings, and that's when the final credits roll! I protest!

    Once I did that, and complained , gently but firmly, to the theater
    owner, and you know what, amazing, he actually asked the projectionist
    to rewind the film to the credits sequence, turned down the lights,
    and let me watch the credits, ALONE, to make me happy! yes, that
    really happened. Taiwan is a wonderfully goofy country, as are all
    countries, my America as well! India too I am sure.


    by dan bloom 2004-Jul-28 

  10. 2.


    Dear Dan,

    Laughed aloud at your description of people exiting theatres in
    Taiwan. Here it depends on the age group watching the movie, and the
    city. In blase, aggresive Delhi, people leave as soon as the credits
    start to roll so that they can get their cars out of parking (I always
    lurk partly out of respect to the poor guys who made the movie--we
    watched it, we might as well watch their names rolling by--and partly
    out of streetsmartness--by the time the credits end, the early rush
    and ensuing traffic jam will have cleared!).

    In more rural areas, people often watch the credits with as much grave
    attention and respect as they bestow on the main feature. In Calcutta,
    audiences watch the credits with deep insider knowledge and pass
    knowing remarks: oh, so he's trying to use the same makeup team as X
    filmmaker, but he just doesn't have the same vision, does he?

    I'm pretty allergic to politics too, but enjoy the occasional
    economics piece-was imprinted by a financial newspaper on my first

    All the best,






    by dan bloom 2004-Jul-28 

  11. i agree i cant believe the way they ruin the tv show credits. mabey, the next thing thats they have in mind is to eleminate that darn show because it gets in the way of the comercials.

    by chuck 2004-Oct-07 


    by AL BERNAY 2005-Aug-12 

  13. is there a website where it will tell you how many minutes before each movie on cable?

    by lenny 2007-Jan-17