1986 bmw 325i convertible

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written by michael_halvorsen on 2004-Nov-19.

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only 1986 bmw convertible in the us. imported from england in 1995. over $25,000 in receipts. my 3rd car, one I will always keep. 3rd BMW.

  • metric mechanic 5-speed transmission
  • short shifter kit
  • 16" alpina wheels
  • Yokohama ES100 205/65/16
  • Brembo sport cross driled rotors
  • ceramic brake pads
  • Dinan chip
  • k&n cold air intake
  • custom exhaust system
  • Alpine 9813 HU
  • MA Audio components all around
  • MA Audio 400watt 4 channel amp
154,000km (90,000 miles)

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  1. nice ride. gotta love bmw.

    by ben 2005-Mar-02 

  2. I just realised that there are 2 bmw's in this album now, wack. I guess people don't like there cars as much as I thought they would.

    by owen 2005-Mar-14 

  3. vere nice

    by sasa 2011-Apr-14