The iPod mini - mini Review

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written by owen on 2004-Jan-06.


The new ipod costs approx $249 US. It can store roughly 729 songs or 3 days worth of music. The price tag wasn't as low as most people hoped for. However the ipod mini it is still the best portable mp3 player on the market especially when combined with iTunes which works on both pcs and macs.


A smaller iPod, 4GB hard drive, comes in a variety of colours, updated firmwire and software, less buttons


It is not as cheap as most people expected

For more information

Check out apple's website at ipodmini or better yet view the Full Specs and comparision of both the mini and the normal ipod.


owen: ipod mini
alt.Binaries: yow
owen: it costs 249 though so it isn't much cheaper than a normal ipod
alt.Binaries: a little bit cheaper than the 15GB
alt.Binaries: what, u want one
alt.Binaries: ?
owen: nope
alt.Binaries says: it's about $40 cheaper I think
owen says: that sucks
alt.Binaries says: why is that>
owen says:I was hoping for a 100 dollar ipod
alt.Binaries says: remember that the smaller tech devices get the more expensive it becomes
owen says: logically if it has less memory it would be cheaper. the current mini ipod has 4gb - I was hoping it would be 1gb and sell for 100 dollars.
owen says: anybody who can afford to pay 249 for anything can save an extra 40 bucks for the full version. Unless of course you like the colours?

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  1. Why would some in their right mind buy an IpodMini over an Ipod, when the only difference between the two is $50 and 9,000 mp3's. Think about it; even if the cheapest Ipod could only hold 4,000 mp'3 you would still be better off getting it over the Mini.

    Would you sacrifice capacity for weight and size? I sure wouldn't, especially when the Ipod is already slim weights next to nothing.

    alt.Binaries = Ropy = Same Person.

    by Ropy 2004-Jan-08 

  2. update

    Just in case this wasn't mentioned before the "Smaller Rightfully Costs More" argument isn't going to hold up forever because people don't want to have a 17" monitor in there pocket people want a 100$ ipod in there pocket.

    making smaller stuff and larger harddrives costs more money - stop doing it!

    solution: make a ipod that costs a 100$ and has less (not more) of everything

    by owen 2004-Jan-22 

  3. Some people don't need more than 4GB. In which case they'd be silly to waste $50 to get a bulkier player with no color choice and more complex controls.

    Apple has two iPod lines for a reason: not everyone wants the same thing you do. Both lines are great products.

    As for a 1GB iPod... that's 250 songs instead of 1000. A much poorer option, and lowering HD capacity doesn't really cut costs much at a given physical size. Plus, some flash players that hold almost nothing cost MORE than the mini. And they sell--because size and weight do matter to some.

    Apple has very low margins on the minis, and they are pre-selling like crazy. Conclusion: I'd like a free iPod, for one for $100 (if it still had 1000 songs), but the mini is currently priced well.

    by Nagromme 2004-Jan-31 

  4. I just picked up an Ipod mini yesterday and i think it's the best piece ever. Sounds great, looks cool and the play list features are awesome. Installation and synching my music into it was completely painless. I have 325 songs on it now with 2.3 GB of memory still left over. Each CD takes up approx 55 MB so I don't think I'll ever run out of space. Right now to me anything over 4 GB is pointlessly excessive. I have a flash Movu that I paid 150 for which basically turned into a file transfer device btwn computers because the MP3 player sucked. Ipod rocks, i'm confident I'll get every penny of the 250 I shelled out for it.

    by bird 2004-Feb-23 

  5. can you use it like a dost,.. for other files ?

    by rekof 2004-Mar-23 

  6. there is video review of the ipod mini at mike's journal (quickTime)

    by owen 2004-Apr-11 

  7. I have a 40 gig iPod model and use the extra space for holding files. I wouldn't want anything smaller, size wize, it fits snug in the palm of your hand. Anything smaller would be fiddly

    by Pj 2004-May-05