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written by owen on 2004-Nov-15.

I am currently doing a speech for my Business Communication class. I am not very good or even a little good at public speaking ( even in a controlled situation like a class room). I have been refered to as emotionally distant - just last week. In light of this fact I am choosing a simple structured topic. Hopefully, the class will not hate me for the simplistic nature, short textual content, lack of wit/humor/sex of the speech. They saw my last speech and it was not pretty much the opposite of "total victory". A good speech requires time, practice, research and lots of words. Pulling off a killer speech does not seem possible at this stage.
I am never the same guy twice.
Anybody good a calculus 2? I have a worksheet due by wednesday. If I don't get it finish the teacher is going to know that I suck at calculus. I need to get up to scratch like yesterday.

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  1. Yow, Owen, the key to public speaking is to pretend that the people dem naked...i.e. vulnerable. However, in your case, you might see a few sexy girls naked and lose your concentration even more. With respect to Calc 2, yes I can integrate as well as differentiate, but I gave up the art many years ago, so good luck wid dat!


    by AngryDog 2004-Nov-15 

  2. I don't think that would help at all d. I need to memorise my speech. But with only one day to study it I don't know - it's sticky.

    by owen 2004-Nov-15 

  3. owen, memorised speecehs are often the most broing to deliver. speeches/talks are much better appreciated by an audience when you can come up with sponatneous witty comments to break the monotony.

    The more you do it the better you become. Go over your talk/slides beforehand but don't memorise it. Don't make it too long either, it is usually difficult to hold people's attention span for more that 20, or dare I say 30 minutes!

    Good luck with the delivery.

    by DoctorD 2004-Nov-15 

  4. bredda, it look like seh yuh kinda salt this trip. i only tutor basic business calculus. that calc 2 stuff is very involved and i dont mess wid it.
    i wasn't a good public speaker either...wait...i'm still not a good public speaker. the key is in the preparation though. (that has been my experience). if you know exactly what the structure is, you can do alot of good in terms of the delivery of the message. whatever you do, do it with purpose. den, mek sure seh yuh gi di peeple dem a chance fi question yuh so yuh can gi dem back chat. that'll be entertaining. be well.

    by aurie 2004-Nov-19 

  5. Interesting comment since you have a blog. I know it's different, but you can at least eliminate the fact that you don't think you have anything interesting to say.

    by Stu 2004-Nov-19 

  6. you have do a audience analysis, then curb your speech so that it appeals to your audience. Similar to what fox news or cnn does with the usa.

    by owen 2004-Nov-19