the sad truth about the internet

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written by owen on 2003-Oct-16.

Every minlinia people ask me stupid questions so now I'm going to finally answer one. Hence, the internet is technically what it is (look it up if your not sure). Expect spam, do not complain about it. Donot click the unsubscribe link for any reason what so ever - doing so may have unexpected results. Donot enter your email address on websites that show your email address. Do not give your email address to people who open attachments. Do not forward emails if the email told you to do so!
Usually a normal person wouldn't need a web site but chances are you should register your url from now or you won't get a chance to do so tomorrow. And don't put a year (or anything that's not your name or nickname) in your email address or screen name when you sign up for something - it makes you look stupid. Avoid signing up for things you don't need or just to test the water. Donot sign up with fake email addresses, if so don't sign up at all.
The internet is like a box of chocolates - if it looks like pornography chances are it is. Don't expect to find what you looking for the first time you search. There is more content out there than you mind can handle. The longer you search phase the less likely you find it, think about what you want to fin then choose three words which DONOT INCLUDE "is" and "the". Search engines are wonderful tools (mostly) learn to use them, libraries are old school.
Websites cannot read your mind, learn to read. It you notice it takes a long time to load websites, donot complain about it - it's the nature of the internet - GET ACCUSTOMED TO IT. It's not a action movie - think of it as a book, stop clicking and read it! Upgrade your browser - if you don't know how to do this ask somebody to help you. Use Netscape 7.

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