August 2010

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written by owen on 2010-Aug-22.

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I've been busy lately mostly working on daily disasters and sleeping. But I have not ignored the internet. And with the rise of the scorn that is facebook its harder and harder to focus on anything creative nowadays. But alas I've been working on at least one thing that I can share with the public.

I've added a new category called "Food and Eats". Please don't misinterpret what "Eats" means - I know you people. Eats is just there to cover all the other stuff that may not necessarily be considered as "food", such as snacks and sweets which are bad for your teeth. I have a couple pics lined and I expect at least one picture submitted from each of you.

In other news I've been working feverishly (meaning every now and then when I'm not doing something else) on simplifying the blog news website. Doing so will eventually make it a cleaner more efficient overall expirence for the readers and the blogs that are linked. I have about 29 categories now, including Sex and Relationships, Politics, Opinion, Travel, Sports etc. I'm working on reducing the number to about 15. I've also made it so that it reads RSS feed from your blogs automatically, so if you write a lot of movie Reviews just email me (owensoft on gmail dot com) the link the RSS feed for your movie review category and I'll set it up in the appropriate category. I'm also working on logins for editors so that they can manage the influx of information that comes through the feeds.

So now there are 2 ways to update the news page; posting a link or submitting your RSS feed. The news site mainly focus on blog posts by people with opinions, hense you will rarely see a Gleaner or CNN article on there.

So thats basically it. Post a comment. Lata.

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