1. oooh what's in the glass?

    by Gods Child 2010-Sep-24 

  2. I don't remember. Its a house wine. THe name started with Z. Its was really zinngy. Its called "Zinfadel".

    by owen 2010-Sep-27 

  3. Whats the difference between fried and pan fried? I mean, most people fry stuff in a pan, dont they? I am not sure I know anyone who fries stuff without using a pan...

    by mad bull 2010-Sep-26 

  4. you can fry things in the oven believe it or not. . . there's also deep-fat fried which doesn't include a pan I don't think. Probably most people use a pan but if you want to get fancy you could make yourself some oven fried chicken one day.

    by Gods Child 2010-Sep-27