1. Dip it in some tea. They not as tough as when we were kids.

    by Tami 2010-Sep-06 

  2. on the flip side my TEETH are not as tough as when we were kids either

    by owen 2010-Sep-06 

  3. Someone getting old?

    by Tami 2010-Sep-06 

  4. munchkin loves them

    by IrieDiva 2010-Sep-07 

  5. are they still bland?

    oh, wait, you said cinnamon.
    I didn't know they had flavors

    by Gods Child 2010-Sep-07 

  6. only cinnamon and yup still bland until you soak them in something

    by owen 2010-Sep-07 

  7. they are wonderful i love their flavour. But perhaps the company can diversify their production range by making multi grain water crackers. Wheat crackers that are lightly salted.

    by val 2011-Mar-30 

  8. the supply of the various inputs may be a problem, especially in jamaica

    by owen 2011-Mar-31 

  9. well owen it is obvious that your basic concern is the matter of supply and I understand and respect your perspective fully. but in terms of demand one must consider diversity as a basic option, people are looking for more than the classic product, but are looking for different types. They are looking for different taste ; a diversity in traditional flavour which suits the wants the various wants of different people. This sure to further the expansion of the business.

    by val 2011-Apr-18