1. First time I'm seeing this.

    by Ropy 2010-Aug-23 

  2. yeah, I guess its a mega mart only thing

    by owen 2010-Aug-28 

  3. looks very strange and I'm concerned about how it holds up in warm situations

    by Gods Child 2010-Aug-24 

  4. microwave for 30secs

    by owen 2010-Aug-28 

  5. I love this. Have not had it, but the idea of it. It's different and you say it tastes as it is supposed to, then it's a win.

    by Blipsterfarian Logic 2010-Aug-28 

  6. bullas nowadays are either thick and dry or they are full of flour. Its definitely on the sweeter side of things.

    by owen 2010-Aug-28 

  7. When I was small, every time I see my mom going to the supermarket. I would tell her to buy me this, it was no chips for me but smily bulla. It would be nice if it comes all over the island.

    by Bullaqueen 2021-Dec-27