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Sitemap Added

written by owen, published 2005-May-04, comment

Instead of studing for my finals I got distracted and started writing a sitemap - "everything and where to find it". But of course it is not really a sitemap per se because nothing is ever really what it seems. Two years ago if somebody suggested putting all internal website links into the database, I would have said that person is insane. You live, you learn and then you go crazy OOP. No classes though - incase your wondering - a table is a object, a page inherits from a website.

But alas I went ahead and did it, all the SymLinks (47) are now stored and validated against a table that I've created called "sitemap". I also use this table to generate the aforementioned sitemap page. I use wildcards and strict types such as integer to validate the each request (sql cached). So if the page you are trying to access a page that is not in the table then you get a 404. Probably will use Regular Expressions in the future if needs be.

I added some extra RSS feeds too. I changed how the archive page looked a couple moons a long back as well. If your interested there is also some source code. I'm thinking of doing that with every page, but I'm uncertain as to what google will do with it. Some pages for example Logbook are ROBOTS=NOINDEX, softporn is for members only. I did a quick update, if you see anything weird email me at owensoft at yahoo dot com.

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alex commented: explain simlink? ... read 1 more


written by owen, published 2004-Jul-11, comment

owen there is nothing of interest on the site.
you mean to tell me its over three years now and you still have not found any sensible material to post. come on man. by ray (today)

As I read your comment I said to my self "but wait, what is sensible material?". So I prayed then went to google because google knows everything. I did a search for "sensible material" and realised to my amazement that there is no possible way of getting that stuff to fit on a website.
But being as I am, I looked up the definition for sensible just to be sure I wasn't being an . I just took a definition which seemed to be more to the point;

acting with or showing thought and good sense;

Hopefully that's what was you meant but I don't care because nobody I know in jamaica really uses or understands the internet - this is not a newspaper. Well, I have really. The website is a double sided cheese cake filled with cherries, 3 different kinds of cake mix and those multi-colored candy type things that you sprinkle into the dough in order to make the cake look funny when you cut it. It's complicated, simple, useless and informative all at the same time. It tries to be everything, to everybody. Sometimes I'll make a funny post (I think) but as time moves on and they get archived. I am not much of a writer. I change, the website changes with me.
It's never static, it never hopes of one day being rich and famous. It hates banner ads and popup windows. It's best enjoyed with a cup of tea by the fire place or microwave. There is nothing really productive on this website nor do it pretend to have a level of maturity or is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But at least when you visit the page it loads fast :).


Mad Bull submited so pictures of Lime Cay, he has a webblog and so does Yamfoot. I went to the Jamaica Consumer Electronics Expo 2004 last staturday and it sucked, sucked big time. Where are the Cuban dancers from last year?

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yamfoot commented: hush, do what you yours. And it says "weekly writings" so we expect one post per week! just keep that up and you'll be fine. ... read 7 more

Substitute for love

written by owen, published 2004-Apr-19, comment

No I didn't go to the Carnival thing on sunday. Definately would have been cool to get some pictures of that and post them up here on the website. Well maybe next time.
Clueless as to why my site not in top 5 jamaican website. Not that I claim to be more jamaican, than anybody else, nor does my writing skills get me tons of girlfriends. However, this is a website, I updated a couple times in the past two years, it's html. I don't have the national flag up anywhere though maybe that would elevate my jamaica website status. I have a chatroom and some photos, with comments!.
No problem though maybe next year.
I think this is the completed design, I do not see any reason to change it anymore, everything irie. I have in the past changed it many time during the night for reasons I don't know maybe it all the drinking or lack of sleep.
also forgot to mention ben's photo project

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shade commented: mano, this is the best jamaican website i have ever seen or read. admitedly i have never read any other jamaincan website, but that really isn't the point. some of the best humour on the web! ... read 1 more

Chat project added

written by owen, published 2004-Mar-11, comment

On sunday after the trip, I another item to the projects menu on the right. It's alittle html chatroom. Similar to the one on wheelsjamaica except this one doesn't use a database. if you go there now there might not be anybody there to chat with, so you'll have to bring you own party. Test it out and tell me what you think. Freshes every 5 secs.

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shade commented: chat room is cool. works good and all as far as i can see :) now all we need to do is get some people in there... like, simultaneously ... read 34 more

give me a reason to love you

written by owen, published 2004-Feb-16, comment

Valenines day is over people time to get back in a logical frame of thinking. Stop killing flowers!A most can see I've re-added the colors. I have uploaded the new code as yet because I simply don't know whats going to happen once I added the new features. Anyway I'm planning to just through them up and hope that a horde of ignorant web surfers treat it nicely.
the photo section will include (but not limited to):

  • the shadow project : here people will (and must) upload pictures of their favourite shadows. This whole concept came about since most people don't like to have there picture taken (and posted on the web) so I though the next best thing would be thier shadow.
  • the people project: this would be pretty much the same as waferb's group project but more centered on self-loving web people and celebrities.
  • a picture is worth 2 dollars: in this gallery there will be semi weekly photos from jamaica (since I almost always in that country).

Virtually anybody will be able to add stuff, I'll probably make it member only if it gets too crazy.
Any suggestions slash comments are well come (just click the link labeled "comment" )

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