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written by owen on 2004-Apr-19.

No I didn't go to the Carnival thing on sunday. Definately would have been cool to get some pictures of that and post them up here on the website. Well maybe next time.
Clueless as to why my site not in top 5 jamaican website. Not that I claim to be more jamaican, than anybody else, nor does my writing skills get me tons of girlfriends. However, this is a website, I updated a couple times in the past two years, it's html. I don't have the national flag up anywhere though maybe that would elevate my jamaica website status. I have a chatroom and some photos, with comments!.
No problem though maybe next year.
I think this is the completed design, I do not see any reason to change it anymore, everything irie. I have in the past changed it many time during the night for reasons I don't know maybe it all the drinking or lack of sleep.
also forgot to mention ben's photo project

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  1. mano, this is the best jamaican website i have ever seen or read. admitedly i have never read any other jamaincan website, but that really isn't the point. some of the best humour on the web!

    by shade 2004-Apr-20 

  2. Awesome design man!

    by MaThIbUs 2004-Apr-21